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St. John's Reformed Church

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126 Old Post Road North

Red Hook, NY 12571



Operating Hours


Church Administrator: Shari Juranic

Monday               9:00-3:00

Wednesday         9:00-3:00

Thursday             9:00-1:00

Friday                   9:00-3:00

Pastor's Office: Rev. Eric J. Titus, Th.D.

(Contact Church Administrator if you need an appointment with Rev. Titus)


Food Pantry

Monday               9:00-2:30

Wednesday         9:00-2:30

Thursday             9:00-12:30








Worship Service Sunday Mornings at 10:00 AM.  Coffee fellowship follows service.  All are welcome

St. John's Reformed Church, 126 Old Post Road North, Red Hook, NY 12571 Phone: 845-758-1184
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