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Our Consistory

The consistory is the board of Reformed Churches.  It is comprised of elders and deacons along with the Minister of Word and Sacrament, who serves as the president of the consistory.  A clerk of consistory is appointed by the consistory to keep the minutes and records of consistory as well as correspondence.  Each office has functions that are unique to them.  We consider all offices to be separate yet equal.


The policy book of the Reformed Church in America is the Book of Church Order (BCO).  It defines the role of the consistory as follows: A consistory combines the ministerial functions and governmental powers of the offices of the minister, elder, and deacon in the service and supervision of a local church. The whole body acts as the representative of the congregation. The elders, together with the minister/s, constitute a board of elders with specified responsibilities and powers. The deacons constitute a board of deacons with specified duties and authority.

                    Our Elders
Ms. Desiree Albizu, VP Consistory & Elder of Worship
Ms. Wendy Walrath, Elder of Mission & Outreach
Ms. Terry Laibach, Elder of Education
Mr. Glenn Countryman, Elder of Property
Ms. Elizabeth Young, Elder of Fellowship

                      Our Deacons
Mr. Pete Fenaroli, Deacon of Worship
Ms. Laurie DeCiutiis, Deacon Mission & Outreach

Ms. Eileen Wambach, Deacon of Education
Mr. Clifford King, Deacon of Property

Ms. Mary Hennessy, Deacon of Fellowship


Our Clerk
Ms. Kristi Colburn
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