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Worship Service

Worship service is held on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.  Check our home page for location and contact page if you need to contact us or have any questions.
Main Entrance to Sanctuary
Fellowship Hall
What to Expect 

We know that visiting a place of worship for the first time can be a little intimidating.  We know that you have made a big step in choosing to worship with us.  We want to make your time with us meaningful, peaceful, and as stress free as possible.  To help with this we have provide here a few pointers on what to expect and some answers to questions you may have. 


When you arrive at St. John's Reformed Church there is a parking lot on the west side of Old Post Road.  On the east side of Old Post Road you is the church.  The main entrance to the church is up the stairs on the south end of the property. At the top of the stairs are double doors which lead into our vestibule (lobby area) and immediately to your right in the vesitbule are the main doors to the sancturary.  As you enter you will find friendly greeters who will provide you with a bulletin for the day's service.  Anyone needing special assistance accessing the building can pull into the driveway and make their way into the sanctuary through the fellowship hall.  

Our service is divided into three main parts--The Approach to God, The Word of God in Proclamation and Sacrament, and The Response to God.  Below there is a sample form of our worship service.  Often we have additional items that go into the liturgy (form of the service) such as mission of the month, special music, and events important to our congregational life.  


On communion Sunday an additional lamenated insert will be given to you which includes the form of worship for this portion of our service.  At communion service everyone remains seated and the elements (bread and wine) are brought to the ends of the pew.  The bread is dsitributed first.  Everyone waits until all have been served and then we eat the bread together as the minister says: "the bread we break is the communion of the body of Christ."  After this the wine will be served in small cups to everyone.  Again everyone will partake together as the minister says: "the cup of blessing which we bless is the communion of the blood of Christ."


During the service we have a children's message from the pastor, after which children are dismissed for Sunday School, which is provided for children ages 3-14.  Children make their way to the back of the sanctuary after the message and are guided to their rooms in the educational wing of the church. All of our Sunday School teachers have undergone a background check and all are long-standing members of both our community and congregation.  

Worship service sample

Questions and Anwsers

Question:  How long does a worship service last?

Answer:     We try to keep our time of worship to an hour.  On communion Sunday (the 1st Sunday of 

                    each month) the service sometimes runs an hour and ten to an hour and fifteen minutes.


Question:  On communion Sundays is everyone welcome to take the wine and bread?

Answer:     Yes, all who are seeking the grace of God are welcome at the Lord's table at St. John's.


Question:  How should I dress?

Answer:     People come in all sorts of attire from dresses and suits to jeans and polo shirts.  


Question:  Do people make the sign of the cross during service or kneel at the end of the pew                          before  they sit down?

Answer:     While neither crossing or kneeling are a part of the reformed tradition, we do in fact have 

                    some people who do this.  We have people from all sorts of Christian faith traditions and

                    we welcome them to continue to do those acts of worship if they are meaningful for them.


Question:  Do you raise your hands during worship and singing?

Answer:     Again this is not a part of our reformed tradition.  Some in our congregation do.  This                                 is a meaningful act of worship for them and we welcome this expression of worship. So

                    if you want to raise your hands, do so.  You can shout amen too!


Question:  Is it permissible to leave the sanctuary during worship?  

Answer:     People may need to leave worship service for a number of reasons.  While constant 

                    movement by a lot of people is distracting, you are free to leave the sanctuary to take

                    care of personal needs.


Question:  Can I bring food and drinks into the sanctuary?

Answer:     We generally discourage this.  We do however recognize that some may need water and 

                    a sealed water bottle is acceptable (in fact you will note that the pastor will have water). 

                    We also recognize that small children may need a cheerio or two to help calm them and

                    this is perfectly fine.  We provide a time of coffee fellowship between services for those

                    that need a caffine jump.


Question:  What about my cell phone?

Answer:     Please silence your cell phone during the service.  We also discourage checking text

                    messages during worship.  Our focus during worship should be fully on God.  


Question:   Is it appropriate to clap after the choir sings or there is special music that has                                  moved me?

Answer:      Yes, it is appropriate.  We must however take care in worship to remember that we are not

                    there to enjoy a performance, we are gathered to worship God.  When we clap our intent

                    then should be to focus our gratitude to God who gives people gifts to lift us higher in our



Question:  Is money collected during the service?

Answer:      Yes, this is a part of our worship.  You are not required to give.  To learn more about why 

                    we give an offering each Sunday go to our menu tab on giving.

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